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PowerPoint Toolbars

PowerPoint displays the Standard, Formatting and Drawing toolbars by default. The Standard and Formatting toolbars can found below the menu bar, and the Drawing toolbar sits on top of the Status Bar.

Toolbars provide a faster method of performing commands than the Menu Bar. Below are a list of the commands found on the Standard, Formatting and Drawing toolbars.

The Standard Toolbar

Standard toolbar

The Formatting Toolbar

Formatting toolbar

The Drawing Toolbar

Drawing toolbar

Adding missing toolbar buttons

Depending on your settings the toolbars may be displayed on one or two rows. If they are displayed on one row, occasionally you will find the button that you want is missing. Click the chevrons at the end of the toolbar to show the missing buttons.

Add missing buttons

Click the button to use it. This button can now be seen on the toolbar in place of another button that has now been hidden.

Viewing and removing toolbars

There will be times when you need to use another toolbar, or maybe the Standard, Formatting or Drawing toolbars have gone missing.

To see a list of all the toolbars provided in PowerPoint, right click a toolbar button, or click Toolbars under the View menu and click the toolbar you wish to see or hide.

View toolbars

Moving toolbars

Toolbars can be moved too. The toolbars at the top of the screen are known to be docked toolbars. You can move these by hovering your mouse over the ellipsis (the 4 dots) on the left of the toolbar and clicking and dragging them to another location.

Move toolbar

The toolbar floats and can be dragged to any area of the screen. When you get close to any corner of the screen the toolbar will attempt to dock itself there.

Toolbar options

You can customise your toolbar settings. Click Tools > Customise from the Menu Bar.

Customise toolbars

Notice the options in here to display the Standard and Formatting toolbars on two rows, and also the option to display screentips (when you hover the mouse arrow over an icon its function appears).

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