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Using Outline View

Outline view allows you to enter and edit the content of your presentation without the distraction of other objects. It is also perfect for organising content and slides across the presentation.

Display Outline view

  1. Outline view can only be accessed from Normal view. Click the Normal View button on the Status Bar if necessary to display the slides in Normal view.
  2. Normal view button

  3. Click the Outline tab in the panel to the left of the slide area
  4. The slides are displayed in Outline view in the panel. Only the slides text is visible, all other objects are ignored.

    Outline view

Enter text in Outline view

Text is inserted into Outline view in the same way as in the slide area. Certain keyboard keys are useful when using outline view.

  • Tab - used to demote text to the next bullet level
  • Shift + Tab - used to promote text to the next bullet level
  • Ctrl + Enter - moves to the next placeholder (great when editing a two-column slide)
  • Arrow keys - used to move around the text

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