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Create an Organization Chart

An organization chart is used to show the relationship between objects in a hierarchy. They are commonly used to show the hierarchy of personnel in an organisation.

  1. Click on the Insert Diagram or Organisation Chart button on the Drawing toolbar Insert organization chart
  2. Or

    Click Insert > Diagram

  3. Select the Organization Chart in the Diagram Gallery
  4. Organization chart in Diagram Gallery

  5. Click Ok
  6. The organization chart and toolbar are displayed

Enter organization information

Click in each box and type the appropriate name and job title of the personnel the box represents

To add more boxes:

  1. Select the box that you wish to add the additional personnel from
  2. Click the drop list arrow on the Insert Shape button of the Organization Chart toolbar
  3. Insert shape

  • Click Subordinate to add extra boxes below the selected box
  • Click Assistant to add a PA
  • Click Coworker to add extra boxes on the same level as the selected box
  1. When you have finished adding the charts personnel, click outside of the chart to deselect it

Change the organization chart layout

Organization charts can become very busy and it can be difficult to fit the information onto a slide whilst ensuring it is easy to read. You can change the layout of a group of shapes to avoid clutter.

  1. Select the manager box for the group of boxes whose layout you want to change
  2. Click the Layout button on the toolbar
  3. Change organization chart layout

  4. Select the appropriate layout from the list displayed

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