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Create a PowerPoint Diagram

PowerPoint diagrams are used to visually display the flow or relationship between different elements. There are 6 different types of diagram that can be created in PowerPoint 2003.

  • Organization charts: To show relationships in a hierarchy
  • Cycle diagrams: To show a continual cycle of a process of work
  • Target diagrams: To show the steps involved in achieving a goal or target
  • Radial diagrams: To show the relationship between elements
  • Venn diagrams: To show areas of overlap between elements
  • Pyramid diagrams: To show foundation based relationships

All diagrams are created in a similar way although the formatting options of an organization chart are somewhat different.

Create a diagram

  1. Click the Insert Diagram or Organization Chart button on the Drawing toolbar Insert powerpoint diagram
  2. Or

    Click Insert & Diagram

  3. The Diagram gallery dialogue box is displayed. Select the diagram type you want to create
  4. Diagram gallery

  5. Click Ok
  6. The diagram is displayed along with the Diagram toolbar

    Inserted Cycle diagram and toolbar

Add text to the diagram

  1. Click into the Click to add text box
  2. Type the text you want to appear
  3. Click outside the box for the entry to be accepted
  4. To add text to a target diagram, click one of the lines pointing to the section of the target you want to label

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