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Using the Datasheet Window

The datasheet is displayed using default data with the default chart behind it.

The top row of the datasheet holds the data to be used for the charts X-axis, or category axis

The leftmost column of the datasheet holds data to be used to label the data series of the chart i.e. the columns of a column chart.

Datasheet window

PowerPoint chart

Entering and editing data in the datasheet is simply a case of replacing the existing cell entries with the data you want to use.

Display the datasheet

If the datasheet is not visible, click the View Datasheet button on the Standard toolbar View datasheet button. Click this button again to hide the datasheet.

Delete data

You can remove unwanted data by selecting the cells containing the data you want to remove, and pressing the Delete key.

Delete rows and columns

  1. Select the row(s) or column(s) you want to delete by clicking on the row or column headers
  2. Click and drag to select multiple row or column headers

  3. Click Edit > Delete

Insert rows and columns

  1. Select the number of rows or columns you want to insert
  2. Click Insert > Cells

Include/exclude rows and columns

By default, all rows and columns that include data are included in the chart. When you exclude data, it appears dimmed in the datasheet and Microsoft Graph redraws the chart ignoring the excluded data.

  • Double click the headings of the rows or columns you want to exclude from the chart
  • Double click the headings of the excluded rows or columns to include them again

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