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Use Excel Data in a Chart

The data for your chart may already exist in another file such as an Excel workbook. This data can be imported into Microsoft Graph and used in your PowerPoint chart.

  1. Edit the chart and display the Datasheet Window if necessary.
  2. Click in the top left hand cell of the Datasheet. This is the starting cell for the imported Excel data
  3. Click the Import File button on the toolbar Import Excel data
  4. The Import File dialogue box is displayed

    Import Excel file

  5. Locate the Excel workbook you want to use by clicking the Look in: drop down box and navigating through the necessary drive and folder structure
  6. Select the workbook and click the Open button
  7. The Import Data Options dialogue box appears

    Import data options

  8. Select the worksheet containing the data you want to import from the Select sheet from workbook: list
  9. Or

    If you need to import a selected range of cells from a worksheet, click the Range: option and enter the range of cells or range name to be used

  10. Leave the Overwrite existing cells checkbox checked if you want to replace any existing data in the Datasheet, or clear the checkbox to append the Excel data to the existing Datasheet data
  11. Click Ok
  12. The data is imported into the Datasheet

    Imported Excel data

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