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Using the Slide Master

The Slide Master is used to set the layout and appearance of all the slides in a presentation.

Every presentation has a Slide Master. The Slide Master controls the slides background colour, font and bullet formatting and any text or pictures that recur on each slide of the presentation.

Any change made to the Slide Master affects all the slides of the presentation; for example, formatting the bulleted list changes the formatting of every bulleted list of the presentation.

View the Slide Master

  1. Click View > Master > Slide Master
  2. The Master View is displayed. The Slide Master includes placeholders for the title, bullet text and 3 additional placeholders at the bottom for the date, footer text and slide number.
  3. A thumbnail of the Slide Master is shown on the left and a Slide Master View toolbar should be visible

    Slide Master View

The Title Master

A Title Master exists so that a presentation's Title slides can follow a different different design to that of the Slide Master.

Any formatting changes made to the Slide Master are reflected on the Title Master, so formatting changes should always be made on the Slide Master first. The Title Master can then be formatted as required.

Title Slides are used as the opening slide of a presentation and to introduce new sections of a long presentation. They therefore often have a different look to the other slides of a presentation, such as a company logo may be more prominent on a Title slide that it would be on content slides.

If the presentation is being created from a Blank Presentation template the Title Master is not shown. To insert a Title Master:

  1. Click the Insert New Title Master button on the Slide Master View toolbar
  2. Insert New Title Master

  3. The thumbnail of the Title Master appears on the left. A line is shown between the Slide and Title Masters to indicate they are linked as a pair
  4. If you are unsure which is the Slide Master and which is the Title Master, point the mouse to one of the Master thumbnails and a screentip appears with the slides name and what slides of the presentation currently use it

    Screentip displaying the slides using by that master

Change the Slide Master

  1. Select the Slide Master from the Slide Panel on the left
  2. Make the desired changes including:
  • Formatting the font: Change the font type, size, colour or format the bullet type used for lists
  • Formatting the background: Change the slide background colour or design
  • Add objects: Add text or graphical objects such as a company logo to the slide

Close Master View

To close the Master view and return to the normal presentation:

  1. Click the Close Master View button on the Slide Master View toolbar
  2. Or

  3. Click View > Normal

Any changes to the Slide and Title Master are immediately reflected in all slides of the presentation using that Master. The changes can also be seen in the Design Template task pane.

New Slide Master shown in Slide Design task pane

Multiple Slide Masters can be used within a presentation. The Design Template can then be used to apply a different Slide Master to selected slides

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