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New Presentation Using the AutoContent Wizard

The AutoContent Wizard takes you step by step through the process of choosing a presentation design and entering text.

  1. Click File > New
  2. The New Presentation task pane is displayed

  3. Click on From AutoContent wizard
  4. The AutoContent Wizard appears

    AutoContent Wizard welcome screen

  5. Click Next to move onto choosing the presentation type
  6. New presentation type

  7. Click the buttons to browse the different presentation type categories. Select the presentation type you want and click Next
  8. At the next step, select the output type of your presentation
  9. Presentation output type

  10. Click Next
  11. Enter a Presentation title:, and select the required options for the Footer: of your presentation
  12. Presentation title and footer

  13. Click Next
  14. The final screen is displayed. Click Finish
  15. The presentation is created. Replace the existing content with your own

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