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Modifying Master Slides

You can insert multiple slide masters into one presentation and delete, rename, preserve and change the layout of the master slides.

The Slide Master View toolbar

Slide Master modifications are best made using the Slide Master View toolbar. The toolbar should be displayed automatically when viewing the Slide Master.

Slide Master View toolbar

Change the Slide Master layout

Each Slide Master includes a title, text, date, slide number and footer placeholder. You can arrange the placeholders on the Slide Master as required for the layout you want.

You can delete placeholders from the Slide Master if no longer needed. To restore a Slide Master placeholder:

  1. Click the Master Layout button on the Slide Master View toolbar
  2. Or

    Click Format > Master Layout

    Restore placeholders from the Master Layout

  3. Click the boxes for the placeholders you want to restore
  4. Click Ok

Insert a Slide Master

When you insert a Slide Master or apply a different design template they are displayed in the Used in this Presentation section of the Slide Design task pane.

The design can then be applied to the slides of your presentation when working in Normal view.

To insert a new Slide Master to the presentation:

  • Click the Insert New Slide Master button on the Slide Master View toolbar Insert New Slide Master

Delete a master

If no longer needed, master slides can be deleted. To delete a master slide:

  1. Select the master slide you want to delete
  2. If you delete a Slide Master, the Title Master is also deleted

  3. Click the Delete Master button on the Slide Master View toolbar Delete Master
  4. Or

    Click Edit > Delete Master

    Any presentation slides that were using the deleted master slide are reformatted with the template of the slides that preceded them in the presentation

Preserve your Slide Master

If all the slides that use a particular Slide Master are deleted, or have a different template applied to them, the Slide Master is deemed no longer necessary and is subsequently deleted from the presentation.

To ensure that a Slide Master is not removed from a presentation, it can be preserved

  1. Select the Slide Master you want to preserve
  2. Click the Preserve Master button on the Slide Master View toolbar Preserve Master
  3. A pin symbol appears beside the Slide Master thumbnail on the left to indicate that the Slide Master is preserved. It will no longer be removed, even if all the slides of the presentation that use it are deleted
  4. Pin showing preserved master slides

    Click the Preserve Master button again to unpreserve a Slide Master

Rename a Slide Master

You may want to rename your Slide Master so that it can be identified easily in the Slide Design task pane when required.

  1. Select the Slide Master you want to rename
  2. Click the Rename Master button on the Slide Master View toolbar Rename Master
  3. Or

    Click Edit > Rename Master

    Enter new master name

  4. Enter the new name for the Slide Master
  5. Click Ok
  6. When naming a Slide Master, the Title Master is automatically renamed

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