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Create a Self Running Slide Show

You may seen seen a self running slide show before. At marketing events, presentation's using preset slide timings and set to continuously loop can be quite popular. You may even have received a PowerPoint christmas card before, set up in a similar way.

  1. Click Slide Show > Slide Transition
  2. Select each slide of the presentation in turn, choose a transition effect you would like to use (or leave it as No Transition if you do not want one), then click the Automatically After checkbox and enter the amount of time to display the slide for
  3. If all the slides are to use the same amount of time, click the Apply to All button

  4. Click Slide Show > Set Up Show
  5. The Set Up Show dialogue box is displayed

    set up a slide show

  6. Check the Loop continuously until 'Esc' box in the Show options panel
  7. Ensure the Using timings, if present option is selected in th Advanced slides panel
  8. Click Ok
  9. The timings and loop options are set. Now when the presentation is run, it will run on its own unaided and restart when it reaches the ended

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