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Rehearse Timings

Rehearse Timings enables you to time how long a presentation takes to deliver. This can be a fantastic tool when preparing for that 10 minute presentation to ensure you do not overrun.

Rehearse a presentation's timings

  1. Click Slide Show > Rehearse Timings
  2. The slide show begins and the Rehearsal toolbar is shown in the top left corner of the screen

    Rehearsal toolbar

  3. Practice the presentation and move through the slide show as normal
  4. As you move through the show, the first timer on the toolbar restarts and records how long you took on the previous slide

  5. At the end of the show, PowerPoint asks whether you would like to save the timings.
  6. Prompt to save timings

    Saving the timings will display the timings on each slide in Slide Sorter view and allow you to evaluate your rehearsal.

    Slide timings in Slide Sorter view

    This is advantageous, but if you are planning on manually delivering the presentation you must not forget to remove the timings

Remove the slide timings

The slide timings are stored on each slides transition effects.

  1. Click Slide Show > Slide Transition
  2. In the Advanced Slide section of the Slide Transition task pane, clear the Automatically after checkbox
  3. Clear Slide Transition timings

  4. Click the Apply to All button

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