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Using Custom Shows

Custom Shows allow you to create multiple slide shows from one PowerPoint presentation. They are ideal for scenarios when you need to deliver a presentation with similar content to different audiences.

Create a Custom Show

  1. Click Slide Show > Custom Shows
  2. The Custom Shows dialogue box is displayed

    Custom Shows dialogue box

  3. Click the New Button
  4. Define a new custom show

  5. Enter a name for the custom show in the Slide show name: box
  6. Select the slides you want to use in the show from the Slides in presentation: list
  7. Hold down the Ctrl key whilst clicking to select multiple slides. You can only select slides from the current presentation

  8. Click the Add button to move them across to the Slides in custom show: list
  9. Completed Custom Show

  10. Use the arrow buttons to the right hand side of the dialogue box to re-order the slides, or the Remove button to delete slides if required
  11. Click Ok
  12. Click Close to close the Custom Shows dialogue box

Start a Custom Show

To start a Custom show:

  1. Click Slide Show > Custom Shows
  2. Select the show from the list
  3. Click the Show button
  4. starting a custom show

    Custom Shows can be started during a presentation by using Action Buttons

Set up a Custom Show

Rather than playing a Custom Show from the Custom Show dialogue box, you may decide to set it up to be played when you start the slide show.

  1. Click Slide Show > Set Up Show
  2. Set up slide show

  3. Select the Custom Show option button from the Show slides panel
  4. Click the show you want to run from the drop list arrow
  5. Click Ok
  6. The Custom Show will now start the next time you press the F5 key or run a slide show in the normal way. Just remember to repeat the steps to change to the required show for each audience

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