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Insert Audio from a CD

CD audio tracks can be inserted into PowerPoint. You can specify what track number you wish for PowerPoint to play, and can also play a segment of a track by specifying the start and end times.

  1. Select the slide you want to add the CD track to
  2. Click Insert > Movies and Sounds > Play CD Audio Track
  3. Insert CD Audio dialogue box

  4. Select the start and end track number specifying start and end times if required
  5. If the CD is in the CD drive, the total playing time of the track is displayed. These options can be set without the CD inserted, but this information is not available to you

  6. Check the boxes to loop the sound track and to hide the sound icon during the slide show if required
  7. Click Ok
  8. PowerPoint displays a message asking how you would like the sound to start playing in the slide show
  9. Prompt for when to start playing the CD

  10. Click Automatically to have the sound start playing as soon as the slide is shown to the audience
  11. Or

    Click When Clicked to maintain control over the playing of the sound. The sound will only start playing when you click the mouse or the appropriate keyboard key

  12. A CD icon is displayed on the slide to represent the inserted audio track
  13. CD icon

    Double click the CD icon in Slide Show View to play the audio if you chose for it not to start automatically

    The CD must be inserted for the sound to be played

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