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Add Sound to a Presentation

Sound files can be inserted into slides to be played during a presentation. You can choose to have the sound play automatically, or have control over when it is played.

The standard sound file format for PowerPoint is a .WAV file. Other file formats supported in PowerPoint include .MP3 (MPEG compressed file), .AIF (QuickTime file format) and .AU (Audio file).

When inserting a sound file into a presentation, the file is embedded as an object. An alternative method of playing sound in a slide show is to use an Action Button or Hyperlink to link to the file, which is then played in an appropriate player such as Windows Media Player.

Insert sound from a file

  1. Select the slide you want to add the sound to
  2. Click Insert > Movies and Sounds > Sound from File
  3. The Insert Sound dialogue box is displayed

    Insert sound dialogue box

  4. Select the drive and folder that the sound file is located in from the Look in: drop down box
  5. Select the sound file and click Ok
  6. PowerPoint asks how you would like the sound file to start in your slide show

    Prompt for when to start the sound during the slide show

  7. Click Automatically to have the sound start playing as soon as the slide is shown to the audience
  8. Or

    Click When Clicked to maintain control over the playing of the sound. The sound will only start playing when you click the mouse or the appropriate keyboard key

  9. A sound icon is displayed on the slide
  10. Sound icon

  11. If you decided to not have the sound start automatically, click the sound icon when in Slide Show View to play the sound

Hide the sound icon

If you opted for the sound to start automatically, you probably would prefer for the sound icon to not be visible during the slide show. Thankfully, the icon can be hidden.

  1. Right mouse click on the sound icon and select Edit Sound Object from the shortcut menu
  2. Hiding the sound icon option

  3. Click the Hide sound icon during slide show box
  4. Click Ok
  5. The icon remains visible in Normal View, but will not be shown in Slide Show View

Insert sound from the Clip Organizer

  1. Select the slide you want to add the sound to
  2. Click Insert > Movies and Sounds > Sound from Clip Organizer
  3. The ClipArt Task Pane is displayed

    ClipArt task pane
  4. In the Results should be: list, click Sounds and untick Media
  5. Click the Go button
  6. Click the sound you want to use from the list
  7. PowerPoint will prompt you as to whether you would like the sound to start playing automatically, or on your click

  8. Choose the preferred method for the sounds start
  9. The sound is inserted onto the slide and the sound icon is displayed

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