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Insert Slides from Another Presentation

PowerPoint has a feature that makes inserting slides from other presentations a breeze. You can also decide whether the new slides should match the current presentations formatting, or keep the source formatting.

  1. Select the slide that will precede the newly inserted slide(s)
  2. Click Insert > Slides from Files
  3. The Slide Finder dialogue box is displayed

    Inserting slides from another presentation

  4. Click the Browse button and select the presentation containing the slides you wish to copy
  5. The slides from the selected presentation are displayed. Slide thumbnails are shown so you can easily identify each slide, however if this is a large presentation you can click the Title button Title button to display only the slide titles

  6. Click the Keep source formatting check box to keep the slides formatting after it is inserted. By default, all inserted slides will obey the current presentations master slide
  7. Select each slide you want to insert and then click the Insert button
  8. Or

    Click the Insert All button to insert all of the presentation's slides

  9. Click the Close button

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