Microsoft Office Training Guides

Improve your Office application knowledge using the online Microsoft Office training tutorials below.

Each application is broken down into levels of difficulty. Work your way through the tutorials on each level and then tackle the quizzes to test what you have learnt.

Select the application version and level of your choice and start learning.

Microsoft Excel Training

Grow your brain.

Excel 2003 Foundation

Excel 2003 Intermediate

Excel 2003 Advanced

Excel 2007 Foundation

Excel 2007 Intermediate

Excel 2007 Advanced

Excel 2010 New Features

Excel Functions

Microsoft PowerPoint Training

PowerPoint 2003 Foundation

PowerPoint 2003 Advanced

PowerPoint 2007 Foundation

PowerPoint 2007 Advanced

PowerPoint 2010 New Features

Microsoft Word Training

Word 2003 Foundation

Word 2003 Intermediate

Word 2003 Advanced

Word 2007 Foundation

Word 2007 Intermediate

Word 2007 Advanced

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