Microsoft Excel 2003 Foundation Guide

By the end of this Excel 2003 Foundation guide course you will be able to create new workbooks; edit and format cells; use and understand basic Excel formulae and the different printing options.

Getting Started with Excel 2003

The Excel 2003 Application Window

Excel Menus

Excel 2003 Toolbars

The Excel Spreadsheet

The Formula Bar

Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

Creating a Workbook

Creating a New Excel Workbook

Navigating the Worksheet

Excel Mouse Pointers

Entering and Editing Data

Undo and Redo

Selecting Cells

Using AutoFill

Custom Lists

Saving the Workbook

Opening an Existing Workbook

Closing the Workbook and Excel

Editing a Worksheet

Using Cut, Copy and Paste

Office Clipboard

Cell Comments

Paste Special

Writing Formulae

Using Excel Formulas


The Sum Function

Using Functions

Statistical Functions

Relative and Absolute Cell References

Formatting a Worksheet

Formatting Labels

Formatting Values

Cell Alignment and Orientation

Borders and Shading

Format Painter

Clear Cells

Managing Worksheets

Inserting and Deleting Rows, Columns and Cells

Insert and Delete Worksheets

Customising Sheet Tabs

Splitting and Freezing Panes

Printing a Worksheet

Print Preview

Changing the Page Setup

Add a Header and Footer

Setting the print area

Hiding Columns and Rows

Print Titles

Using page breaks

Printing a worksheet

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