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XNPV Function

The Excel XNPV function returns the net present value of an investment based on a series of cash flows, the dates of the cash flows and a discount rate.

The syntax for the XNPV function is:

=XNPV(rate, values, dates)




Discount rate to apply to the cash flows of the investment


Series of cash flows that correspond to a schedule of payments. The series of payments must contain atleast one negative and one positive value


The schedule of payment dates that correspond to the cash flow payments. The first payment date occurs at the beginning and all other must be later than this date

The example below shows the XNPV function being used to return the net present value for an investment with a discount rate of 6%, a series of payments in range B3:B21 and a schedule of dates in range A3:A21.

XNPV function returning the net present value for an investment

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