Microsoft Excel 2007 Intermediate Guide

By the end of this course you will be able to write advanced formulae to lookup records and perform decision making in Excel; use advanced formatting tools to make data easier to understand and highlight important information; sort and filter a data list and create and format charts.

Sorting and Filtering


Sorting by Colour or Icon


Custom Autofilter

Formatting a Worksheet

Date Formatting

Custom Number Formatting

Conditional Formatting

Managing Conditional Formatting

More Functions



If Function

AND and OR functions

Nested Functions



Named Ranges

Creating a Range Name

Using Range Names in Formulas

Managing Range Names

Excel 2007 Charts

Creating a Chart

Resize and Move a Chart

Chart Layout and Styles

Working with Chart Labels

Formatting a Charts Axis

Change a Charts Source Data

Change the Chart Type

Add a Trendline

Chart Templates

Working with Multiple Workbooks

Consolidating Data

Linking Cells

Workspace Files

Excel Protection

Excel 2007 File Protection

Workbook Protection

Worksheet Protection

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