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Using Sparklines

A great new visualisation tool to come with Excel 2010 is Sparklines. Sparklines are mini charts that are displayed in a cell. They make it possible to show data trends at a glance.

Insert a Sparkline

  1. Select the cells where you want the Sparklines to appear
  2. Click the Insert tab on the Ribbon
  3. Click on the type of Sparkline you want to use (Line, Column or Win/Loss) from the Sparklines group
  4. The Create Sparklines dialogue box appears. Select the Data Range the Sparklines are based on. The Location Range should already be populated
  5. Create a Sparkline in Excel 2010

  6. Click Ok

The charts are inserted into the cells and the Design tab is visible on the Ribbon providing options for customising your Sparklines

Customising Sparklines

The Design tab is provided for you to customise your Sparklines.

Formatting Sparklines

Change the Sparkline Type

Select the Sparklines you want to change and click the type of Sparkline you want to use from the Type group

Format the Style

A selection of pre-defined styles are available from the Ribbon. Click the More button to see the full list of styles to pick from.

Sparkline styles on the Ribbon

The Show Group

You can choose to display the high and low points, negative points, first and low points or all markers on your Sparklines by selecting the required options in the Show group.

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