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Using Slicers

Slicers provide a user friendly way of filtering a PivotTable or PivotChart. Slicers allow you to always see what the filter state is at a glance and make filtering PivotTable data even easier.

Unfortunately there is no backwards compatibility to Excel 2007 and before for Slicers. Because of this, until Excel 2010 takes a larger hold of the market, Slicers will probably be an underused tool.

Create a Slicer

  1. Click on the Options tab under PivotTable Tools on the Ribbon
  2. Click the Insert Slicer button in the Sort & Filter group
  3. The Insert Slicers dialogue box appears. Check the boxes for the fields you want to create Slicers for and click Ok
  4. Insert Slicers
  5. The Slicers are inserted onto your spreadsheet and hover above the grids like a chart or a picture. Filter the PivotTable by simply clicking a value in the Slicers. Hold down the Ctrl or Shift keys whilst clicking to select multiple values
  6. Slicers being used in Excel 2010

Connect a Slicer to Multiple PivotTables

A major advantage to using Slicers is the ability to connect them to multiple PivotTables.

  1. Right click on the Slicer you want to connect to another PivotTable and click PivotTable Connections
  2. Check the boxes for the PivotTables you want the Slicer to filter
  3. Connecting the Date Slicer to other PivotTables

  4. Click Ok
  5. Any filtering done using the Slicer will now affect all the PivotTables it is connected to.

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