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New Backstage View or File Tab

Backstage View in Excel 2010 brings back the features of the classic File menu and rectifies the usability concerns that arose with the introduction of the Office Button in Excel 2007.

The Excel 2010 Backstage View provides all the usual features including Open, Save, Print and also a few cool new features and modifications also. Some of the improvements introduced with Backstage View include;

See Recently Used Folders

Recently used folders are now also shown in a list like the recently used files. Folders you use regularly can also be pinned to the list making finding and opening your Excel spreadsheets quicker and easier.

  1. Click the File tab on the ribbon
  2. Click the Recent submenu on the left
  3. Open recent workbooks and folders in Excel 2010 Backstage View

  4. Recent Workbooks are shown on the left and Recent Places shown on the right. Click the pin next to the workbook or folder to pin it permanently to the menu
  5. Check the Quickly access this number of Recent Workbooks box to show the 4 most recently used files in the main Backstage View menu.

Change Print Settings in Excel 2010

Access to the print settings has greatly improved in Excel 2010. The Print menu in Backstage View shows a Print Preview of your spreadsheet and provides the usual settings on the left. When changing an option such as print to one page, or print selection you can immediately see its impact on your print job.

Print settings in Excel 2010

No more switching between Page Setup and Print Preview. Everything you need is all in one place.

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