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Sorting by colours or icons

Custom Sort can also be used to sort by cell colours, font colours and cell icons. This works very well in conjunction with Conditional Formatting.

  1. Select a cell within the range of data you wish to sort
  2. Click the Sort & Filter button in the Editing group of the Home tab
  3. Select Custom Sort. The Sort dialogue box appears
  4. Sort dialogue box

  5. Click the Sort by list arrow and select which column you wish to sort by
  6. Click the Sort On list arrow and select either Cell Color, Font Color or Cell Icon
  7. Click the Order list arrow and select the colour or icon you want to use. Select whether you want this colour or icon to appear at the top or bottom of the sort
  8. Sort by icon

  9. Click Add Level to add additional levels of sorts by colour or icon
  10. Click Ok

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