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Custom Autofilter

Custom AutoFilter enables you to apply more enhanced filtering to your data. For example, the orders after a specific date, or the orders less than a specific order total.

Apply a custom filter

  1. Select a cell in the range that you wish to filter
  2. Click the Sort & Filter button in the Editing group of the Home tab
  3. Select Filter
  4. Click the filter button for the column you want to filter
  5. Depending on the data in the column you choose you will see either Text Filters, Number Filters or Date Filters in the list of options that appears.

  6. Point to Text Filters, Number Filters or Date Filters and a list of logical operators such as Greater Than will appear
  7. Filter by numbers

  8. Select the required operator for the filter you are going to apply, or click Custom Filter to enter your own filter
  9. Create a custom filter

  10. In the list box next to the operator select a value from the list or enter your own value
  11. If required, select either And or Or and apply a second criteria to filter by
  12. Note that Custom Filter accepts the use of the wildcard characters * and ?. ? represents a single character and * represents a series of characters such as *west to filter Southwest, Northwest and West.

  13. Click Ok

The filter is applied to the data list.

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