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Workspace Files

If the same set of workbooks are used frequently, they could be saved as a workspace file, saving time opening and arranging them in future.

A workspace file saves all the information about the open workbooks including their screen posiition and window size.

When the workspace is opened, it opens each workbook saved in the workspace and displays them on screen as it was saved. Workbooks that are saved in a workspace file can still be opened and worked on individually.

Before creating a workspace, lets arrange the workbooks on screen so that they are easier to work with.

Arranging workbooks

Excel provides 4 different window arrangement options for working with multiple workbooks. They are Tiled, Horizontal, Vertical and Cascade.

To apply one of these views, click the Arrange All button in the Window group of the View tab.

Arranging windows

As we are using 3 workbooks, we have decided upon the tiled arrangement.

Tiled view

Creating a workspace file

  1. Click the Save Workspace button in the Window group of the View tab
  2. Save a workspace

  3. Navigate to the file location that you want to save the workspace
  4. Enter a name for the workspace file in the File name field
  5. Click Save

Opening a workspace file

  1. Click the Office button and then click Open
  2. The Open dialogue box is displayed

  3. Navigate to the location of the workspace file
  4. Select the workspace
  5. Workspace icon

  6. Click Open
  7. Each workbook saved within the workspace will be opened and positioned on screen.

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