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Change the Chart Type

Different chart types are better for presenting different types of information. See Creating a Chart for an explanation of the most common chart types.

The example below shows a column chart being used to compare the income against expenses. We wish to change this to a line chart to see the trend of income and expenses over the course of the 6 months.

Column chart

  1. Select the chart
  2. Click the Design tab under Chart Tools on the Ribbon
  3. Click Change Chart Type in the Type group and the Change Chart Type dialogue box appears
  4. Change chart type

  5. Select the type of chart you want, in this example a line chart, and click Ok
  6. Line chart

Change a series chart type

It is possible to change the chart type for a data series in your chart.

  1. Right click on the data series
  2. Change series type shortcut menu
  3. Select Change Series Chart Type
  4. Select the new chart type from the Change Chart Type dialogue box and click Ok
  5. Excel combination chart

Our chart now displays a line chart for the Net Inc data series on our column chart.

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