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Insert and Delete Worksheets

When you create a new workbook, by default you are provided with 3 worksheets. You can insert additional worksheets, or delete worksheets as necessary.

Inserting a worksheet

To insert a new worksheet:

  • Select the worksheet after where you would like the new worksheet to appear. The new worksheet appears to the left of the currently selected worksheet.
  • Click Insert > Insert Sheet from the Cells group of the Home tab.
  • The new worksheet is named according to the number of worksheets you currently have. For example if you have 3 sheets, then the new worksheet is named Book4.

If you wish to insert an additional worksheet at the end of the existing worksheets, click the Insert Worksheet icon or press Shift + F11.

New worksheet icon

Deleting a worksheet

To delete a worksheet:

  • Select the worksheet that you wish to delete.
  • Click Delete > Delete Sheet from the Cells Group of the Home tab
Delete sheet from the Cells group of Home tab

The delete key will only delete the contents of a cell and will not delete worksheets.

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