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Customising Sheet Tabs

The worksheet tabs that allow us to navigate the worksheets of our workbook can be customised for a more rewarding Excel experience. This includes moving, copying, renaming and even changing the sheet tab colour.

Moving and copying sheets

To move a sheet , simply click and drag the tab to the desired location. Whilst in the process of dragging the tab, a black arrow appears to indicate its position when you release the mouse button.

Moving a sheet by clicking and dragging the tab

Copying a sheet will allow you to use an existing worksheet as a template and can be a great time saver. To copy a sheet, simply click and drag the tab to the desired location whilst holding the Ctrl key down. Whilst dragging you should notice the + sign on the sheet icon indicating that it is duplicating the worksheet.

Copying a sheet

Renaming a sheet tab

More meaningful names can be assigned to sheet tabs to replace the existing Sheet1, Sheet2 and so on.

To rename a worksheet, double click on the sheet tab. The name will highlight in black ready for you to enter a new name.

Sheet tab with name highlighted ready to be renamed

Type a more meaningful name for the sheet and press Enter.

Format the sheet tab colour

It is even possible to change the tab colour. This may be done to make the sheet easier to identify.

Right click on the sheet tab and a shortcut menu appears. Select Tab Color and then choose a colour from the list displayed.

Applying a new colour to the sheet tab

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