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Excel Statistical Functions

There are a number of Excel statistical formulas which can be used to analyse the data in your spreadsheet. These include, but are not limited to Count, Average, Min and Max.


Returns the number of values from a list.

The syntax for the Count function is:

=COUNT(value1, [value2], ...)


Returns the average or arithmetic mean of a list of values.

The syntax for the Average function is:

=AVERAGE(number1, [number2], ...)


Returns the smallest number from a list of values.

The syntax for the Min function is:

=MIN(number1, [number2], ...)


Returns the largest number from a list of values.

The syntax for the Max function is:

=MAX(number1, [number2], ...)

Entering statistical functions

  1. Select the cell where you wish the result to be displayed.
  2. Click the Home tab on the Ribbon, and then click the drop list arrow next to the AutoSum button in the Editing group.
  3. Selecting a function

    You can also select the necessary function from the Function Library on the Formulas tab, or enter the function directly into the cell.

  4. The function will appear and Excel will select a range it thinks you wish to calculate. If this is incorrect select the range you wish to use.
  5. The example below uses the average function.

    Using the Average function

  6. Press Enter. The result appears in the cell and the function can be seen in the formula bar.
  7. Finished Average function example

These statistical functions follow the same syntax as the Sum function. It is possible to select more than one range of values to calculate. To do so, separate each cell range with a comma.

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