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Creating a PivotChart

A PivotChart can be created to plot the data from a PivotTable and provide a graphical representation. PivotChart's are interactive and their layout can be changed just like you would with a PivotTable.

  1. Select a cell in the PivotTable
  2. The PivotTable Tools contextual menus are displayed on the ribbon

  3. Click the PivotChart button in the Tools group of the Options tab
  4. The Insert Chart dialogue box appears.

    Insert a PivotChart

  5. Select the type of chart you would like to use
  6. Click Ok

The PivotChart appears in the worksheet with the PivotTable.


The PivotChart Filter Pane is displayed alongside the PivotTable Field List. This pane can be used to select the data you want the chart to display.

PivotChart Tools contextual tabs appear on the Ribbon providing plenty of features to help you work with the PivotChart.

If the PivotTable is updated, the PivotChart will automatically update to plot the latest data.

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