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Remove Duplicates

Remove all the duplicates from a list with the click of a button. To remove duplicates;

  1. Select the list
  2. Click the Data tab on the Ribbon
  3. Click the Remove Duplicates button from the Data Tools group
  4. Remove Duplicates button

  5. You are then asked what fields you wish to search for duplicate values in. The default is to search every field
  6. Check or uncheck the boxes as necessary.

    Remove duplicates

  7. Click Ok

Wham, say goodbye to your duplicates.

A message telling you that Excel has removed x number of duplicate records appears. Please do not fear. If you have made a mistake, just click Undo to see them magically return.

This is a fantastic new hardcore tool for handling duplicate records. Be confident that it does the job you needit to. An alternative method of handling duplicate values is to use the Advanced Filter

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