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Database Functions

Database functions allow you to sum, count, average and so on values in a list for records that match specific criteria. For example, to add up all the sales by a specific salesperson within a specific month from a list of sales.

There are 12 Database functions and are sometimes refered to as Dfunctions.

The syntax for Database functions is:

=DSUM(database, field, criteria)

In the syntax, DSUM would be replaced with the name of the required function




The range of cells that make up the list. This can be the cell range or range name.


The column to be used in the function. This can be the number representing the position of the column in the list, or the column label enclosed between double quotation marks like "Order Amount".


The range of cells that specify the conditions for the function. The criteria range includes the column label(s) and the data to check.

If more than one value is entered on the same row, only records matching each value are selected (AND). If more than one value is entered in a column, records matching any of those values will be selected (OR).

In the example below the database or list of data is named Orders.

DSUM function

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