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You can filter data to only display the rows that you want to see. All other data is hidden. You can also filter by multiple columns reducing your data each time to what you want.

Apply a filter

  1. Select a cell in the range that you wish to filter
  2. Click Data & Filter and then AutoFilter from the submenu that appears
  3. Filter buttons appear in the first cell of each column (these should be your headers)

  4. Click the filter button for the column you want to filter
  5. Applying a filter

  6. Select a value from the list that appears
  7. The list is filtered showing only the records requested

    Applied filter
  8. Repeat for each column you wish to filter from

Clear a filter

To restore the records as they were prior to filtering, you will need to clear the applied filters.

To clear a filter from one column:

  1. Click the filter button for the column whose filter you wish to clear
  2. Select All from the list

To clear the filters from all columns:

  1. Click Data > Filter
  2. Select Show All from the submenu
  3. Removing a filter from all columns

Removing the filter

Not that they are doing any harm, but you may wish to remove the filter buttons when you have finished with your filtering tasks.

  1. Click Data > Filter
  2. Select AutoFilter from the submenu
  3. The filter buttons disappear and any filters you may still have applied are removed

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