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Custom Charts

You can save your chart including the layout and formatting as a custom chart type. You can then use the chart type when creating charts in the future.

Saving a chart as a custom chart type

  • Select the chart
  • Click Chart > Chart Type
  • Click the Custom Types tab
  • Custom chart types

  • Click the User-defined option and then click Add
  • The Add Custom Chart Type dialogue box is displayed
  • Enter a name and description for the chart and click Ok

    Adding a Custom Chart Type

    The custom chart type has been saved and will be available the next time you create a chart.

    Click the Set as default chart button to set the custom chart as the default style for creating new charts.

    Create a new chart using a custom chart

    1. Select the cell range to chart
    2. Click the Chart Wizard button on the Standard toolbar
    3. Chart Wizard button

    4. Click the Custom Types tab
    5. Click the User-defined option
    6. Select the Custom Type you wish to use
    7. Insert custom chart
    8. Complete any other necessary steps of the wizard and then click Finish

    Delete a custom chart

    Custom charts can be deleted when they are no longer needed.

    1. Click Chart > Chart Type
    2. Click the Custom Types tab
    3. Click the User-defined option
    4. Select the custom chart to be deleted
    5. Click Delete
    6. A message appears asking for confirmation to delete the user-defined format
    7. Confirm deletion

    8. Click Ok and then Ok again

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