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Page Breaks

Page breaks can be used to separate pages for printing. They are inserted automatically when printing, dependent upon the worksheets page setup properties. After printing or print previewing a worksheet they are shown as dashed lines on the page.

Page breaks can be adjusted on the worksheet to better position them. Page breaks can also be inserted and removed.

View and modify page breaks

  1. Click View > Page Break Preview
  2. The worksheet is displayed showing the print area with each page labeled. Dashed blue lines indicate automatic page breaks, and solid blue lines indicate manually created page breaks.

    Page break preview

  3. Point to a page break line
  4. The mouse pointer changes to a double headed arrow.

  5. Click and drag the page break line to a new position
  6. Click View > Normal to end the page break preview and return to the normal view

Any automatic page breaks that were adjusted are converted to manually created page breaks.

Moving page breaks to the right or down will automatically scale the print smaller to fit onto the page

Inserting a page break

You do not need to be in Page Break Preview in order to insert page breaks, however you may find it easier to work with.

  1. Select a cell at the start of the column or row where the page break is to be inserted
  2. The page break will be inserted above or to the left of the selected cell.

    If you select a cell in the middle of the worksheet a horizontal and vertical page break will be inserted.

  3. Click Insert > Page Break

Removing a page break

  1. Select the cell directly below a horizontal page break, or to the right of a vertical page break
  2. Click Insert > Remove Page Break

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