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Add a Header and Footer

Data can be added to the top (header) or bottom (footer) of a page in the margin area to appear when printed.

Any text or picture such as a logo can be added. Fields, information that updates automatically, such as the date or page number can also be added.

  1. Click View > Header and Footer
  2. The Header/Footer tab of the Page Setup dialogue box is displayed

    Header and Footer tab in Page Setup

  3. Click the list arrow on the Header: or Footer: boxes to insert automatically generated text
  4. Or

  5. Click the Custom Header or Custom Footer buttons to create your own entry
  6. The Header or Footer dialogue box is displayed

    Adding a custom footer to a spreadsheet

    Three sections are shown for aligning the data to the left, centre or right of the header or footer

  7. Click in the required section and either type in the text you want to use, or click one of the buttons to insert an automatic entry such as the date or page number
  8. Button


    Format text font

    Format the font of the header or footer text

    Insert page number

    Insert a page number

    Insert the total number of pages

    Insert the total number of pages

    Insert the date

    Insert the current date

    Insert the current time

    Insert the current time

    Add the filepath

    Add the full filepath to the location of the spreadsheet including dive, folders and the filename

    Add the filename

    Insert the name of the file

    Insert the sheetname

    Insert the name of the worksheet as shown on the sheet's tab

    Insert picture

    Insert a picture such as the company logo

    Format picture

    Format the picture such as the brightness, contrast and size

  9. Click Ok
  10. The custom header or footer is displayed in the preview panel

  11. Click Ok

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