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Changing the Page Setup

The Page Setup dialogue box offers a number of tools that enable you to modify and adjust your print to what you want. These include changing the page orientation, scaling the print to a specific number of pages and more.

To open the Page Setup dialogue box:

  • Click the Setup button on the Print Preview toolbar
  • Or

  • Click File > Page Setup

Changing the page orientation

You can change the page orientation between portrait (tall and thin) and landscape (short and wide). Landscape is useful for spreadsheets with many columns.

Portrait and landscape sheets

  1. Click the Page tab in the Page Setup dialogue box
  2. Change page orientation

  3. Select the desired page orientation
  4. Click Ok


Scaling is an incredible tool allowing you to print the spreadsheet to a percentage of its normal size, or to a specific number of pages. This is extremely useful when trying to fit a large print onto one page, or make a small print fill the page more.

  1. Click the Page tab in the Page Setup dialogue box
  2. From the Scaling panel select the Adjust to option button and enter a scaling factor into the % normal size spin box


    Click the Fit to option button, and enter a number of pages wide and number of pages tall in the appropriate spin boxes

    Scaling options

Changing the margins and print alignment

Changing the size of the margins won't make significant changes to the print, but can sometimes be enough.

For small prints it can look more professional to centrally align them on the page.

  1. Click on the Margins tab
  2. Enter the new margin dimensions in the spin boxes surrounding the example page
  3. Click the required alignment checkboxes in the Center on page panel at the bottom of the dialogue box
  4. Change worksheet margins

  5. Click Ok

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