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Using Formulas

Knowing how to use formulas enable you to unleash the full power of Excel. This tutorial will take you through the fundamentals which are built upon as you progress.

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A formula is an instruction for Excel to operate. A formula always begins with an equals sign followed by either values or cell references and an operator.

Example: =A4+A5

Excel calculates the result and displays it in the cell that the formula was entered. In the example above, if the contents of either A4 or A5 change, the formula will automatically update itself.

List of operators:

Operator Purpose
= All formulas must start with an equals sign
+ Performs addition between values
- Performs subtraction between values
* Performs multiplication between values
/ Performs division between values

Some examples of formulas using different operators

Adding cells Subtract cells

Multiply cells Divide cells

When using different operators in one formula it is important to be aware of BODMAS.

A formula can include the use of functions (built in formulas provided by Excel) and range names.

For more help with formulas i highly recommend the PHD's Excel Formulas book. It is a simple 'no nonsense' approach to using formulas.

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