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Paste Special

Paste Special is an extremely powerful tool allowing you to paste only certain aspects of your copied data, such as the value without the underlying formula. It also provides the user with a means of consolidating data, creating links and transposing data lists.

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Paste Options

  1. Copy the range of cells that you want to paste
  2. Select the destination cell
  3. Select Paste Special from the Edit menu
  4. The Paste Special dialogue box appears

    Paste Special dialogue box

    In the top half of the dialogue box are various aspects of the data that you may paste. For example, the value only or validation criteria only

  5. Select the desired option and click Ok
  6. Excel pastes the data according to your demands stripping out any irrelevant aspects

Consolidation Options

In the second half of the Paste Special dialogue box are some consolidation options so that you can add/subtract/divide or multiply your copied value with the value of the cell you are pasting into

Skip Blanks

Skip Blanks ensures that any blank cells in the range that you have copied are not included within the paste


Transpose is incredible. It switches your data list from rows to columns or vice versa. Check the transpose checkbox and select any other paste options you want to transpose your data.

Paste Link

Paste Link creates a link between the copied cell and the pasted cell. So if you copied cell D4 on Sheet1 and then clicked Paste Link button on cell F10 of Sheet2, the 2 cells are linked. If the content of cell D4 on Sheet1 changed, the content of cell F10 on Sheet2 is automatically updated.

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