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Office Clipboard

The Clipboard enables the collection and pasting of multiple items across excel and other Office applications.

  1. Click Office Clipboard from the Edit menu
  2. Viewing the Office Clipboard

  3. The Clipboard Task Pane appears along the right side of the window. The Clipboard can hold up to 24 items
  4. Cut and copy items as usual. You should see the items appear on the clipboard as you cut and copy them
  5. Clipboard showing copied items
  6. Select the cell where you wish to paste the item
  7. Click the item in the clipboard

With the Clipboard open, you could collect items from other Office applications for pasting into Excel.

To remove items from the Clipboard, click the items list arrow and select Delete. Click the Clear All button at the top of the Clipboard Task Pane to remove all items from the Clipboard.

Deleting items from the Clipboard

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