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Creating a new workbook

On starting Excel 2003 you will be presented with a new blank workbook named Book1. The new workbook will contain 3 sheets identified by the sheet tabs in the bottom left of the worksheet.

To create a new blank workbook, click the new icon on the Standard toolbar New icon or press Ctrl + N.

Every time a new blank workbook is created it is named Book1, Book2, Book3 and so on until saved under a more appropriate name.

Excel also provide a variety of templates to use when creating new workbooks. To use one of these templates click New under the File menu. The New Workbook task pane will open to the right of the screen.

New workbook task pane

Click On my computer to open the Templates dialogue box. Click the Spreadsheet Solutions tab to see the Excel templates available. Select the one you want and click Ok.

Templates dialogue box

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