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Specifying PivotTable Data

To create the PivotTable, we need to drag the fields we want to use onto the relevant areas of the grid.

The PivotTable can then be adjusted by moving the fields between the desired areas of the PivotTable.

  1. Click and drag the Category field into the Row area and the Order Amount field into the Data area of the PivotTable
  2. The PivotTable shows the sales by Category.

    Sales by category

  3. Click and drag the Country field into the Column area (Drag to the Total column) of the table for an extra breakdown of the sales
  4. Country in column area
  5. Drag the Category field from the Row area to the Field List to remove it, and drag the Salesperson field into the Row area to replace it.
  6. Pivottable using row and column fields

  7. The last area in the PivotTable is the Page area. This will allow you to filter the table's results.
  8. Drag the Product field into the Page area. Click the Product filter button and select Ipoh Coffee.

    Product in Page area

As you can see it's very easy to adjust the data in a PivotTable. It's just a case of moving fields into different areas of the table.

It can take some time to understand PivotTables, and to come to know where to place the fields to achieve the results you want. This all comes with practice.

Take some time to move fields into the different areas and watch the PivotTable adjust itself and pivot to present the data from another angle.

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