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Grouping PivotTable Data

You can group PivotTable items to identify different subsets of data. For example, dates can be grouped into months, quarters or years.

  1. Select the date field in the PivotTable
  2. Click the PivotTable button on the PivotTable toolbar
  3. Select Group and Show Detail and then Group from the list
  4. Group a pivottable

    The Grouping dialogue box appears.

  5. Specify start and end dates to group and the interval to group by
  6. Grouping dates

    It is possible to select more than one interval. For example, to group by months and years, click on both intervals.

    To group by weeks, select days and enter 7 in the Number of days box.

  7. Click Ok
  8. The PivotTable is grouped as specified. In the example below, months and years was chosen. Notice that years is then added to the field list. The field can be used in further data analysis within the PivotTable.

    Grouped pivottable

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