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Formatting a PivotTable

Both the data and the appearance of a PivotTable can be formatted.

Change the number format

Number formatting can be applied to fields within the Data area of the PivotTable.

  1. Right click on a cell on the Data field and select Field Settings
  2. Click the Number button
  3. Select the format type you wish to use from the Category list and customise the format as necessary
  4. Formatting the number
  5. Click Ok
  6. The values are formatted with the new number format.

If the newly formatted field is removed from the table, it will lose its formatting. The number format will then need to be re-applied when the field is used again.

Formatting the table

The best way to format a PivotTable is to select an Autoformat to apply.

  1. Click the Format Report button on the PivotTable toolbar
  2. Format Report button on PivotTable toolbar

  3. Select a format from the list
  4. Autoformat pivottable

  5. Click Ok
  6. The format is applied to the table. Some Autoformats will change the layout of the table slightly. Drag the fields to the appropriate positions to change the layout back to as it was before.

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