Use Sections in PowerPoint 2010

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Sections is a new feature to PowerPoint 2010 making it easier to organise and manage the slides of your presentation. By adding sections to your presentation you can group slides under meaningful names. This makes it easier to work with the slides of a large presentation as each section can be hidden and shown as and when required.

Sections can also be used for better collaboration with other members of your team. Ownership amongst a team can be distributed by section rather than a selection of slides.

Add a Section to a Presentation

To a add a section to your presentation;

  1. Select the slide to become the first slide of the new section
  2. Click the Section button on the Home tab of the Ribbon and select Add Section from the list

Add a section to a presentation

Rename or Remove a section

When adding a section it is immediately given the name Untitled Section. This can then be renamed to something more meaningful or removed if no longer required.

  1. Select the section you want to rename or remove
  2. Click the Section button on the Home tab and select Rename Section or Remove Section from the list

Rename a section

  1. If renaming a section you need to enter the new name you want to use and click Ok

Collapse and Expand Section

Once a presentation has been divided into sections, these divisions can then be collapsed and expanded to help you work with your slides.

This is a great feature for when working as a team on a presentation. Each team members section can be named appropriately. These sections can then be hidden and shown so that you can focus only on the slides you need to.

To collapse a section, click on the black arrow as shown below for the Recent Progress section. To expand a section, click on the white arrow as seen below in the Introduction section.

A collapsed section in PowerPoint 2010

Jump to a section in a slide show

When a presentation has been divided into sections, you can jump to a specific section of a slide a show aswell as the traditional jump to slide feature.

To jump to a section of a slide show;

  1. When in Slide Show view, click on the Slide Selection button on the Slide Show toolbar
  2. Select Go To Section and click on the section you would like to jump to

Jump to a section of a slide show

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