Create a Fire Evacuation Plan in Visio

It is essential to have a fire evacuation plan. As a trainer I am regularly visiting different offices and other locations. On arrival I need to make myself aware of the emergency evacuation procedures and pass this information onto my delegates.

These diagrams should be kept simple so that it provides clarity at a time when people are not thinking clearly. Too many that I see provide cute but unnecessary detail.

You can create a fire evacuation plan in Visio. Visio provides emergency response shapes that can be added to a floor plan. This diagram can then be printed and displayed in the required areas of a building.

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Dynamic Grid in Visio 2010

Visio 2010 makes it even easier to create drawings, and one of the main reasons for this is the improvements to the Dynamic Grid.

The Dynamic Grid assists you with the sizing, aligning and spacing of shapes in relation to one another. It is an extremely useful tool, and one that takes arranging shapes to another level of simplicity. Continue reading