5 Alternative Reasons to Use COUNTIF Function

The COUNTIF function is one of the most useful functions in Excel. Its job is to provide conditional counting. This is primarily used for analysing data and producing reports and dashboards.

In this blog post will look into 5 more unorthodox but useful scenarios for the COUNTIF function to be used. The 5 COUNTIF examples we look at are;

  1. Prevent duplicates in a range.
  2. Uniquely rank items in a list.
  3. Count the unique entries in a list.
  4. Compare two lists.
  5. Identify names that occur 3 times or more.

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Prevent Duplicates in Excel

A common problem when using Excel is handling duplicate entries. I am often asked about removing or highlighting duplicates and common entries. But prevention is better than the cure, so let’s look at how to prevent duplicates in Excel.

We can use the Data Validation tool with a formula to stop duplicates from being entered by the user. In this example we want to prevent duplicates from being entered into column A. Continue reading