5 Reasons for Using Custom Fields in Microsoft Project

Custom Fields in Microsoft Project allow you to define your own fields (columns) for data that meets your organisation needs.

By creating your own custom fields you can display information on the project plan that is tailored to your requirements.

This tutorial looks at 5 reasons you may want to set up custom fields in Microsoft Project including creating drop down lists and using formulas in fields.

  1. Create a drop down list
  2. Display multiple fields next to task bars in Gantt Chart
  3. Sum the total duration of tasks
  4. Change colour of task bars dependent upon conditions
  5. Using graphical indicators in custom fields

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Create a Drop Down List Field in Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project contains many fields for storing information about the tasks and resources of your project. So much so that it can be hard to imagine what else you would want to know.

However there is usually a desire to create your own custom fields to display other information in your different views and reports. You can create your own fields to store text, dates, cost and other types of data.

To assist data entry, a field can be created with a drop down list. You can look up the value that you need in a list making data entry easier and more accurate.

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