See Two Presentations at the Same Time

It is very easy to see two presentations at the same time in PowerPoint. This can be useful to compare the two presentations.

It may be that you need to compare last years presentation to this years, or to check a colleagues version against yours. Whatever the reason, fortunately there is a feature to view the presentations side by side on screen at the same time. Continue reading

Add a Deadline Date to a Task

Add a deadline date to a task to keep track of it’s finish date against the deadline. As Microsoft Project updates the schedule a warning will appear if the task is due to miss it’s deadline date.

Using a deadline is considered a better approach than using a constraint. By using a deadline, Project continues to schedule tasks and displays a warning for any potential problems. But a constraint is inflexible and limits the scheduling of the project. Continue reading

Create a Splash Screen in Excel

A splash screen is a screen which loads when you open a program. A splash screen can be used to display a company logo, advertise and provide information to the user.

To create a splash screen in Excel, you need to create a userform and then use some simple VBA to show the userform when opening a workbook, and make it disappear after a certain amount of time. Continue reading

Create a Photo Album in PowerPoint

The photo album feature of PowerPoint makes it easy to create a presentation displaying photos of an event or topic that can be shared with friends and family, or saved for your own memories.

PowerPoint makes it easy to create a photo album allowing you to change the album layout, theme or picture order at any time. Continue reading

Change the Default File Location for Saving Documents

By default, Word 2007 stores your documents in the My Documents folder. However, you may want to save your documents in a different folder.

You may want to save your documents on a server so that they are accessible by all members of your office easily. It make sense to choose a location where everybody will know where to look for the files. Continue reading

Show PivotTable Report Filter on Different Sheets

The report filter is fantastic for analysing Excel PivotTable data. It allows you to filter the PivotTable using any field from your data source.

An awesome feature called Show Report Filter Pages will display each report filter result on a different sheet of your workbook. This works great when there are only a few filter criteria.

This feature always goes down well in training sessions. It allows you to quickly and easily create multiple reports on different sheets of a workbook, based on the criteria you want to use. Continue reading

Use the Offset Property in VBA

Excel VBA offers many different ways to refer to ranges in a worksheet. One very popular way is to use the Offset property of the Range object.

The Offset property allows you to move around a worksheet with ease using ranges relative to your current position, or to a specific range.

The Offset property takes two arguments. These relate to the upper left hand corner of the specified Range object. The first argument is the number of rows to offset, and the second is the number of columns. Continue reading

Dynamic Grid in Visio 2010

Visio 2010 makes it even easier to create drawings, and one of the main reasons for this is the improvements to the Dynamic Grid.

The Dynamic Grid assists you with the sizing, aligning and spacing of shapes in relation to one another. It is an extremely useful tool, and one that takes arranging shapes to another level of simplicity. Continue reading

Convert Text into a Date Format

If you import dates into Excel from another system, or from the web, they may appear in Excel using a text format. This looks great but will not provide full functionality. Unless you can convert the text into a date format you will not be able to use that data in formulas, PivotTables and other Excel features.

Fortunately Excel provides a function that can convert text into a date format, and it is very easy to use. Continue reading