How to Trim a Video in PowerPoint 2010

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The ability to insert video into presentations has always been an incredibly useful feature of Microsoft PowerPoint. PowerPoint 2010 now handles more video formats than ever before including MP4 and Flash movies.

You can even embed online videos from sites such as YouTube, MetaCafe and Daily Motion into your presentations in PowerPoint 2010. All you need is the embed code available from the video publisher.

The improvements to using video in PowerPoint 2010 do not stop there though. One brilliant new addition to the wealth of new video editing features is the ability to trim a video.

Trimming a video enables you to use a specific section of a video. You can cut off time at the start and end of a video. And it really could not be easier to do.

Trim a Video in PowerPoint 2010

  1. Select the video in the presentation that you want to trim
  2. Click the Playback tab on the Ribbon
  3. Click the Trim Video button in the Editing group
  4. The Trim Video window appears. The filename and video duration are shown at the top.
  5. To trim the video you can either click and drag the required marker at the beginning or end of the video timeline, or enter a time in the Start Time or End Time boxes
  6. Click Ok

When the video is now played it will start and end at the times specified.

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